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Arrow Open letter to whomever egged my car

I came back to my car tonight (parked at my buddies house) at approx 2am to find an empty carton of eggs beside my vehicle and 1 egg shell on my roof.

to whomever thought it would be funny to egg my car:

I ****in dare you to show your face here at Kombat arts (directions available at the site)

I will pay you $100 to show up here and step on the mat with me.
first I will put you in a key lock and make you wish you were born without elbows. Second, I will dislocate your arm from your shoulder courtesy of an armbar, and third i will choke you until you are ****ing unconcious for laying a finger on my car.

you had the balls to go egging, step up and be a man.

punk me off to my face, please.

****in shit head punk bitches.

how dare you disrespect my pride and joy. I worked hard for my car and you have the nerve to go and **** with it?!? what the hell did I do to you? I just want you to know that if I did catch you egging my car I would pull my tire iron from behind the drivers seat (always near by!) and pound your ****ing face in without even thinking twice.

you got lucky this time.

PM me and let me know when you're planning on visiting the gym.

PS feel free to post this on other sites. Whoever thinks egging is a funny joke feel free to meet me at the gym.

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