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How about on the hills?

Hey, Hawaii ( or anyone else ),

How was hill driving? Specifically I remember a late night coming up Avenue between Dupont and St. Clair in one of those massive drops. I made it up in my e90, but is was slower than walking speed. Balencing on the rear tires, the front of the car would be shifting all over the place. It would have been a bit scarier if there was oncoming traffic at 3am. Would an LSD make that type of thing ( slow hill ascent in ~6 inches of snow ) easier?

I know you guys must think I'm overly paranoid, since its not like the past winter is the norm here in TO. I just have some concerns if I take her into Vermont or eastern townships for some skiing.

I know it won't be like some 4x4/Jeep in the snow, but a comparison between my old e46 330i or current e90 330 as a reference would be great.

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