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well i got an accident report, after looking at the pictures and hearing me out, the cop reviewed it and its going down 50/50 by the looks of it, he pays for his, i pay for mine, both of us should get careless driving tickets, but he isnt bothering with that, since that leads nowhere, so hes not giving out any...

as for the damage, the front bumper cost me around 800 painted, foglights were 200, the projectors were around 500 and clears 40, thats just the aftermarket repair that i lost in accident... thats 1540 alone

now, we have the quarter panel bent to shit, my front grill needs replacing along with the hood (not even caring about the frame)... and interally my blades to my fan connecting to the motor were all ripped off, one of the blades was loose or the radiator guard for the fan was loose, and shattered all the blades then one blade continued to slice my radiator.. so that might need replacing, its not that bad, but who knows with radiators...

personally im looking around 4000-5000 +- in repairs if i want the car to be 100%

but im not claiming under insurance, im giving them a call after work, but the police report states its 50/50
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