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Symtoms, advice?

Car is a 95 325i

-Coming to a stop, the revs bounce a bit around 500 revs. Severe enough to be annoying and having lights dim on and off a few times before it settles.
-Sluggish below 4000 rpm.
-Check Engine light was on for a bit after I did a sea form, then it went off, then back on and now off. Over a period of 2 weeks.
-gas consumption higher than normal

Whats been done so far:
-MAF and ICV have been cleaned.
-Sparks checked, was a bit of oil on first 3 spark plugs so changed valve cover gasket.
-Fuel Filter changed.

Still have the problem although, the rough idle at stop is now rare in occurrence...looking around I think its the VANOS, but no noise coming from it.

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