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Originally posted by 325iSBimmer
I hate to be the bitch of the group, BUT, i think it was really poor judgement to change the meet up time less than 12 hours before it happened.

I had checked here last nite at about 10 pm and the time was still 11:40. well, im less then 20 min away from the meet spot ande when i checked back this morning to see the exact location off of Kenedy and I see that the time has been changed to 40 mn ahead. well needless to say me and a friend missed the cruise there ( which was what i was looking forward to)

anyways, im trying not to be a bitch about it but it would have just been nice if someone had of given some more notice to the time change or NOT have changed it at all...

i did see the max cars parked in the other parking lot and then walked over to the main parking lot to see a bunch of nice cars but no max members to be seen.....

some gorgeous E46 M3 though.
dude you need to read the whole thread before u say it was changed last min, you missed it due to ur laziness not wanting to read the whole thread.

It was great, biggest turn out so far this season......

everyone has lots of pics ill post mine when i load them on my comp.

Max members were probably eating at the time thats why u couldn't find us
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