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Originally posted by Lennon
Thats why he has the M50 in there, he's not just a normal 318
I have to admit, I was laughing too when I read the guy wanted to get out and turn something on and wanted another run... some people.

However, how is an Integra crap??? In that case, I'd have to say an e30 318, or an e36 318 is crap as well according to this logic.

Since when does an 81 VW Diesel get up to 100KM/H in less than 10 seconds??? Maybe I'm wrong, but I've seen a Diesel Rabbit in action, and they don’t seem overly fast.

I saw some numbers on a 1980 VW Dasher Diesel. 0-100KM/H in 19.4 Seconds. Heck, a 71 VW Super Beetle will do 0-100KM/h in 18.4 seconds!

The non vtec Generation 2 Integra’s are in the 8.5-9.0 second range.
The GS-R Integra’s are in the 6.8-7.5 ranges.
This is in the realms of the BMW 318 cars. Like I said, even my old 97 318is with a 1.9L engine probably couldn’t muster anything better than 8.5 seconds to 100KM/H. If the Integra is a slow ass car, then so is the BMW 318. My 96 Grand Am V6 winter car can apparently get up to 100KM/H in about 8.6 seconds as well.

I by no means say the Integra is a fast car. It’s alright, and for the price, is fun little car. As is a BMW 318 cars.
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