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I've never laughed so hard

So....I just picked my wife up from work, and am going home. I pull up next to an early to mid 90's integra. Lowered, with an exhaust. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him looking at me, so I turn to look at him and can tell he wants to race. As soon as our light goes green, a guy on a bicycle decides to cross the street, which made me slow down, so the integra got a head start. I catch up to him effortlessly, and pass right by him without pushing my car past 5k rpm. He pulls up at the next light, and asks me to pull over, saying "I have something I have to turn on, and we'll race again."

I laughed so hard. What a retard. Then he tells me it's just a 25 shot. haha. I just left.

What a dumbass. Why would he tell me he needs to put on his nitrous. 2nd of all, why put nitrous on a slow ass car. 3rd of all. Can you even get a 25 shot? I've never heard of one that low.
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