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I have been using nos for the last 5 years. Never have I had any problems well my mercedes 2 years ago had plug issus but I put in a set of Zex plugs and problem solved.
I have a 4-6cyl Zex wet kit and it comes pretty much with all you need to be safe the reste is up tp the driver. you need to keep a good head on your shoulders for this. If you want extra safety then go to and you'll have loads of little parts that can help keeping your head on the right can be loads of fun but if used the right way. I'm using it in my curent M3 got 2 bottles in the trunk (one is gone to fast) and I'm giving it 100 shot of NOS and it seams to love it (I went to the dyno shop to make sure air fuel was good and all after each new jet was installed) make sure you get a a good a/f meter so you are aware at all times what is going on under the hood.

Also make sure you get colder plugs for your car I use the zex plugs very good price and they work great.

Will you see a big diference OH YEAH!!! my benz was doing 14.9 1/4 (heavy car even if it had 236hp) and with 100 shot it went down to 13.6. Havent tested the M3 yet but compared to my freinds E46 M3 I'm far enough in front (he actually had no chance at

if you need more info or what not send pm or if it's relavent to the post send it here I will answer the best I can.

happy holidays
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