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My Dream Almost Came Thru.

I usually don't have dreams and when i do by the morning, i wont remember a thing.
Well today i did, had dream that i had parked my car without the hand brake or gear and it has rolled back into a street for a car to it.
guess what, i usually park my car in my docking area @ work so i don't get my door cliped since i ain't got any side mouldings.Well ****ing today, after i open the store doing a few things @ to get the store ready, i got a Buzz from my receiving dock. As i walk there i take a peak in the window to see that my car is there. well no it wasn't. i saw 3 men at the door and as i open it they began to screaming at me.I try to ignore all the shit to go chk out the car and everything was fine just the front lower lip has came out of their place. which i will replace later on today.
They guy told me he missed my car about an inch. i apologized to him and i pulled my car back on the docking area
I jst dont know why i forgot to put the car in gear or pull the e-brake. I should eat somethin in the morning.
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