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Talking 325Xi suspension

Alright guys heres the deal; yes I may be a newbie at this point, but I have searched left right and center and haven't been able to find the exact information that I need. So heres the situation I have a 2002 BMW 325Xi and I was looking to buy coilovers for it, personally I care more about the look then the performance, but as I have researched around you can't lower the car to much because then the CV joints start to give, I found KW2 coilovers that drop the car 2.5" max but I'm still afraid that's not enough to get rid of the wheel gap. Now i was wondering is there anything that I can do, to at least get rid of the wheel gap, or am I able to get suspension to lower the car more then 2.5 but reinforce the CV joints in anyway? If anyone can help please I'd really like to get started on this.
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