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Well, just here to update. I took my car for a nice hard drive today. The manifold and software did make a noticable difference.

My car pulls harder past 4000rpm, but it feels like I did lose some of the lower end torque. It's not Honda like, but it just doesn't feel as strong at 2000-3000rpm as it did before. Hopefully the cams will make up for the loss of torque.

Basically the manifold just moved the powerband higher into the revs, which isn't exactly great for auto-xing, but oh well. I'm happy.

It's also nice not having a speed governer (not that I'm ever going to get anywhere near that speed ), and the rpm limiter raised to 7000. I still shift at 6500 though, but it's nice not to hear that limiter boucne the revs anymore.
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