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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
If you want to keep running costs minimal, don’t even think about the 335i. The 328s you’re considering are almost Honda-like when it comes to running costs. They’re great cars. I have a 2009 6MT myself and absolutely love it.

Around the mileage you’re looking at, they should be due for spark plugs, belts & pulleys, cabin and air filters. Other than that, they might have a leaking valve cover gasket, and budget for a water pump and thermostat repair as those tend to go around 150K or so. However, I’ve seen a lot of 328s with their water pumps lasting beyond 200k. It’s more of a peace of mind preventive repair on those, rather than risk being stranded roadside.
Thank you. You have just convinced me the 335 is not going to be my first BMW. Your 328 is very nice.
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