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[QUOTE=1BADRIDE]Here is my last insurance renewal on my 2002 Z/06 after I got dumped by TD for having 4 tickets ranging from 10km/hr over to 15km/hr over NONE OF THEM REDUCED and no points issued at all:

the thing is...i wouldnt have been so worried since this is my first ticket...but my dad received a ticket almost like two yrs ago...and it was his first ticket and hes been driving for 34yrs......the thing is...i think he was going 80 in a 60 zone...and they took off 4 demerit points(this also happened on his way to father like daughter)....neways he went to go fight it and they lowered it to 3points i think...he told me the insurance company has let it go but if we received another ticket it would go how my dad hates the way i warned me not to get a ticket...sOOo im trying to get rid of it without him
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