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Originally Posted by jonny_blaze
Hey flav, so that was you who came in the other days..why didnt you say anything to me?
lol I don't know what you look like man ...or do i??

Originally Posted by jonny_blaze
Of course, I think charlie would have mentioned already...but if you're swapping out your engine you can upgrade to a vanos M50, which is better naturally aspirtated but if you are planning on FI then the non vanos block and head can take more of a beating due to the thicker cylinder walls, 10-1 compression and dual valve springs. Also the cams are a bit hotter for turbo applications, and if your a baller like me you can thrown in an OBD1 S52 and blow by all the stock M3's (even the euros ).
Yes, he did say that !
Originally Posted by jonny_blaze

Flav, next time let me know when your commin by the shop..I aint feelin good today so I didnt go in, we have a huge thread and we never talked in person yet. Also a word of advice, if money has to be spent on your engine dont cheap out, the cheaper you go now..the more it might cost you later...this isnt like buying the headlights and stuff like that.
Sure. Ok so a complete new head is 1800 eh...but what about the bottom? (That's where the problem is apparently) How much is a COMPLETE COMPLETE engine rebuild where when I put it in, I know it's perfect? I didn't really push Charlie on the price of this cause we said putting in an old one is a lot cheaper, but now I'm having a change of mind.

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