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1. Mystikal (orgasimizing)
2. Mystikal's friend with sweet36
3. bmwm5lover (aboard the filth-mobile)
4. TrEvOrLiCioS (49/51?)
5. Spudboy (it's official, I'm in)
6. koncise (support'n da bad naehbaahood)
7. crusher (can't miss this one but worried about da rims)
8. E46_lover (w/cuz, c'firm'n bro?)
9. Blackedout_E36 (stoned as a mofo, will be driving really slow)
10. 328DTM (getting ghosted girls on film!)
11. Autotechnica (+ 330ci friend w/ Roomies?)
12. Miguel (with pimping car and all!)
13. Slowered318 (maybe with bimmer... maybe with NEW Toyota Cressida [digital dash])
14. 1BADBMR (sneaking out the back door of work)
15. jello_g (one FAST maz-duh)
16. X5HogTown (315hp of shoe)
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