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Lookin' good, too bad more of the regulars never replied. Spud, you are the man! Now, to answer questions & give comments:

Spud: Yeah, I joined Max a long time ago. I never posted at all though. We met in April I believe, fun highway tag, lol. Now that I really think harder about it in the past though, I think I chased you through Twyn Rivers about a year ago, maybe longer. As I was charging through yesterday I remembered a time that I chased an Imola M through the end of the twisties. I would have been in a silver E46.

Slowered: Respect!

Jon: No police, what-so-ever

Miguel: Who cares about what you're in, you gotta come!

328DTM: Nah, you're gonna get some footage of a rotted out little girl with nasty black hair, then it will show a ring. The roads are haunted.

Terry: Dammit, I wanted to see the chick too!

1BADBMR: It would be great to see you come out. And yes, the route is pretty damn good! Short and sweet.
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