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Originally Posted by MiroE36 View Post
Do they make front splitters for the regular bumper? I really love the Mtech rear bumper and the m3 front bumper but mixing and matching can't happen, so i'll probably head down the Mtech route when the time comes.
You can get splitters for the regular bumper, they actually look pretty nice I would get them for sure for now. You can mix and match mtech and m3, I've seen a lot of people do it actually at the local meets.

Originally Posted by BMWdouche View Post
a) Nice car and congrats
b) Nice on "....'s" .... I use ....'s to seperate thoughts and it annoys the hell out of others... glad to see someone else doing it...
If you look over at the other e90 forums I use "...." allllll the time, I actually use it way too much, it annoys people haha... I've had to force myself to stop using it in every single post.

Originally Posted by blk325i View Post
awesome car man, what angel eyes are those? and what actuator are you guys talking about, i wouldn't mind a bit more growl from the exhaust
If you have a 335i or 330i there is an actuator in the trunk on the drivers side that you can unplug, there trunk liner has a little compartment that opens and inside is the actuator which you can unplug.
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