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Originally posted by M3ntal Kev

I think its a Renault Clio Cup... 170hp, ultra light weight... in fact it may be more entertaining to drive than the M3.
Yeah it is a Renault Clio. I always hated Renaults, they make good Trucks, but ugly cars. Did u see Renault Twingo. THAT'S UGLY!!!
BTW I just check wiith a Renault site, and it could be Renault Clio Sport with 172hp, but also there is Renault Clio V6 with either 285hp ?? or 230hp?? I guess they dunno. And it says that 230hp Renault does 0-100 in 6.4sec. Doesn't sound more entertaining.

Anyway, if you ask me I don't think that Mini and Clio should be on that photo.
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