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This is the BMW E30 section right??

Think you got lost to

Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
It has a 6 bolt (7 bolts get crank walk, it's because of higher clamping force clutches)

And I'm getting aftermarket cams

You sound like my brother. It's a solid car, it just currently has all the DSM woes. I have to take the pedal assembly out and rebuild/weld it. And I have to put a clutch and transmission in it. I have all the parts I'm just busy at work.

It was super cheap, and theres no rust. It has a $600 chip/speed density setup in it, bigger turbo, full exhaust, in dash blah blah blah.

I actually booked my hotel for DSM Shoot out today. Me and a bunch of buddies with EVO's are going down. Putting and FP black (big turbo) on my buddies Evo 8. Shooting for 10's this year.
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