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Originally Posted by SickFinga View Post
Can you post pictures and the printout that mentions the Exclusive Edition?

Exclusive Edition was also available in Light Yellow Nappa Leather.

BMW built 28 cars with Black Nappa leather and 10 cars with Light Yellow Nappa leather.
1 black and 1 light yellow were US pre-production cars that were built in mid-late 2002 as 2003 models. The rest of the cars were Canadian and they were built between 09/2003 and 06/2004.

Out of 27 Canadian cars with the Black Nappa leather, 4 were manual and 23 were automatic
Out of 9 Canadian cars with the Light Yellow leather, 1 was SMG, 1 was manual and 7 were automatic

The US pre-production cars were all automatic and the one with Light Yellow interior was not imported to the US
Very interesting indeed. I couldn't remember if there were other colors of leather offered on the "build your BMW" thing way back when I was buying. In retrospect, the Light Yellow (2-tone) interior would have been pretty amazing and it's a shame I didn't go that route.

I'll post some photos and scan the printout that I have in the coming days - I'll have to scan the printout and find where I have some photos saved.

On another topic: I don't know if you are able to do this or not, but do you know the production figures for ZHP models? Additionally, how many were auto vs manual? Alcantara vs. leather? Interior colors? It would be really interesting to know the full story behind ZHP production. I'm in the market right now and am having trouble finding what I want!
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