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Originally Posted by dblack View Post
Picked up my car from Alex @ ACP today;
really impressed with the service & friendliness, had him install a lightweight flywheel, clutch, short shifter & a few maintenance parts for me.
Car feels better than ever before

I really liked the clean environment in the shop too, would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their bimmer serviced!

Also, I'm looking forward to finally attending a windsor meet! Haven't been able to before due to scheduling conflicts, but my Friday nights have freed up.
Is there one scheduled anytime soon?
Awesome! Glad Alex was able to help you out as much as he helped me, I told you so! (maybe I did, maybe I didn't, I've been plugging his shop for a while to almost everyone requiring work on their cars)

Anyhow, the meet is tomorrow I think we meet up usually around 7:00-7:30 at the tim hortons on cabana and dougal, check out the windsor meet page, I got pictures from the Tail of the Dragon up on their with my friends, it was a great drive through the Smokey Mountains,.. I definetely recommend heading down there for a road trip.
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