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Great experiences with BMW repairs in Canada


In recent months I've been to numerous locations across Canada in my 2005 325i (190,000 kms) and wish to give my feedback on numerous repair shops in different cities:

1. Vancouver/Burnaby

a. Brian Jessel always treated me well and addressed the rust issue on the fender by getting the appropriate authorizations from BMW. The initial fender work carried out by a body shop recommended by them was not satisfactorily done and the rust returned in 5 months. Since I was returning to Ontario, the work was not redone, however permission was obtained from BMW to address the issue in a more elaborate form once I retuned to Ontario. See Guelph/Kitchener below about how Grand River BMW addressed the matter. Brian Jessel carried other obvious repairs satisfactorily including warranty repairs that arose within the 2 year period after previous parts replacements in Ottawa (example front control arm bushings, idler puller etc). I will say BMW is pretty good with meeting its obligation with respect to warranty repairs. Jessel conducted the work without any hassles and I give credit to them, but I have to say no one paid greater attention to my car's numerous issues than A & Y automotive on Gilley Street (Burnaby).

b. A & Y Automotive on Gilley - I give Yashin the distinction of identifying numerous problems (including a tricky and difficult oil leak to detect - dipstick (?) valve at bottom) which Brian Jessel was not able to detect! The shop also recommended that I replace the transmission oil and really it was like crude! The transmission, I think, has an extra life after Yashins work - normally something BMW does not recommend. However, secretly, I have found BMW shops recommending transmission oil replacement when the car has as much mileage as mine. Other issues resolved/recommended by Yashin included replacing front stabilizer links, brakes, differential oil - he always insists on using good parts. Excellent diagnosis and repairs.


a. Grand River BMW - great service manager in Elie! First, he got the permission from BMW to proceed with the rust repair mentioned above. A bodyshop around the corner (Mitek) recommended a protocol (quite expensive!) to be followed, BMW approved it and the work has been carried out to my satisfaction. The dealership also (hopefully) recently resolved an engine light problem that had been a stigma for 7 to 8 months - the work order remains open at this point in time. Will let you know what part was replaced once I have confirmed back to the dealership the engine light has not been back upon my return from Ottawa.

(b) an obvious clunck/pop noise at the back was first identified and then resolved by Franks auto garage in Guelph. Grand River could not identify it in the 30 minutes that they spent. I commend Franks to help me overcome a frustrating 4 week period.

(c) OK tire off Speedlawn in Guelph replaced both rear wheel bearings to my satisfaction at a decent price. BMW Grandriver correctly diagnosed the problem, but too expensive and I took it to OK (a lady technician by the way) which carried out the work to my satisfaction.

(d) OK recommended Auto Cool in Guelph for A/C recharge as it was noisy all the time. Excellent. All the stubborn hissing noises from the dashboard area have disappeared and the car has never been cooler! This was like a miracle.


a. Once back in Ottawa, Frisby on Clyde/Merivale did the needful with Goodyear to have 4 Good Year Eagle RSA tires replaced with F1 Asymetric, as the RSA that were replaced just a year ago wore out quickly - they came with a different load rating (88V) and 10/32 than the original RSA (93V, 11/32) that when I bought it as certified some 5 years ago. Of course I had to pay a nominal sum for the replacement F1 but the deal from Goodyear was too good to turn down. My calling Goodyear and explaining the situation certainly helped. They were excellent, and Frisby's manager Sandro was attentive and negotiated on my behalf. Sandro has also been excellent in the past with tires for my Mazdas.

(b) Now I needed a wheel alignment after the new tires. Nothing available at both BMW delaserhips for 2 weeks, and I ended up at Canadain Tire on Carling after a recommendation from a non-BMW owner. The service manager - Tony - handed the car to a technician who races/owns a BMW. Bingo - the best alignment I'bve had on the car in the last 5 years of car ownership. I never fully was satisfied with Ottos work with regard to alignments - I think Elite was better in that area, although I will say Ottos looked after my car very well.

I thought the above information would help.
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