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Originally Posted by The-Traveler View Post
WTF is wrong with you people??? Get off your high horses, it says for "careless driving" it's a $2000 ticket there are many scenarios where someone could make a mistake and end up getting pulled over by some asshole cop (not saying all cops are assholes).

Where will we draw the fu*king line?! $2000 is okay today, $4000 in 2015, $8000 in 2020? Fu*king stupid politiclly correct people!

Read that article carefully 0.87 of 10,000 people die on our roads and they're the "safest in North america" yet everyone is fine with making them "safer" by milking the populace!

.... I'm outraged and done trying to express it in this message!
Exactly, I was pulled over for going the wrong way down a street but I had NO IDEA because the ****ing one way sign was knocked down. Still got a ticket.
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