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you have clearly no experience with cars.

First things first...that car or any in those pics for that matter were NOT properly stored.
Do you know what happens to hoses, tubes, lines where there is still liquid in them? ie antifreeze, oil etc????

that motor will have to be pulled and refreshed up. I wouldnt want to just change fluids and start it up because it will have some serious wear marks in the cylinders after assuming it starts that is.

Needs all new tires, brakes (rotors, pads) most likely calipers are seized,,,,chances are it needs new handbrake cables, all the suspension bushings are more then likely dried up or will get cracks the minute you move the car

the list goes on.

you best bet is to take the car out of its current spot and wash it out and then go from there for a sale....

btw why is the interior floor carpet so stained? looks to me like at one point in time the windows or something was down and a shit load of water or snow remained in there and probably took its toll on it.

that car needs atleast 2-3 days of intense detail work to get it cleaned up not 2-3 hrs. LOL
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