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Originally Posted by AMG_POWER View Post

You see zr1 is FAST but not faster.
Found this translation:

"The test driver for this magazine shootout was Kurt Thiim ,
ex-DTM superstar and Porsche GT3 Cup racer!!

Some of Thiim's comments on the GT-R:

– the seats are a little too high

– superb balance

– despite high weight, it's stable and precise on turn-in – even in slow corners

– thanks to the 4wd, you can get back on the gas early in the corners

– you don't realise how quick it is – it is all sort of filtered

– but the suspension's reactions are easy to judge

– the brakes are up to the job of repeatedly coping with the weight

– but the transmission is amongst the best he's ever experienced in a road car, "Smooth as butter and changes without any interruption of power delivery"

Thiim's summary:

"The many praises that have been sung about the GT-R are more than justified. It has endless power, is extremely agile and easy to drive. The engine and transmission make a sensational packet. The only thing that needs to be improved is the ride comfort for normal driving." "
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