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Yeah, awesome story actually. 18 year old girl buys the GF's car (VW cabrio) last tuesday at 2pm, and around 10pm, she gets a text from the new owner saying she's been in an accident that wasn't her fault, and the car has been written off. Nobody hurt, but jesus, she'd only had the car for a few hours and writes it off just like that!

Anyways, I'm stuck driving the vert with my storage tires, failed (open)t-stat, front wheel bearing about to explode, hardtop without a defrost switch attached, muffler hanging by a thread, dry-ass wiper blades (not that it matters becuase there's no fluid in the washer tank), and a battery that dies if you leave your Ipod plugged in. I can't wait to get this POS into storage!

GF is driving the coupe. Which has no front sway bar. FML. Ive gotta enjoy this though, because I haven't heard the "Why do you own two cars?" argument in two weeks

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Grow up and move on.
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