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No the e30 steering is not heavy you guys are just WEAK! j/k It is heavy when compared to the newere model cars that have computers and better pullies doing the job. Don't worry about the steering, it just help you to grow chest and put some hair on it. Beers will do the same thing from what I hear, could be a myth. Anyway, if the e30 steering was anylighter it wouldn't be to safe at high speeds, have you ever driven a Caprice or Custlass (I think)? These cars are well known for their light steering even when parked, now imagine that steering at HWY speeds or faster. You'll go to sweerve and next thing you know your facing traffic.

You said it's been recently painted, have you placed a magnet over the body to check for bundo or something similar. Also you could check the VINS and labels on the hood, front fenders, trunk (I think) and block to see if they are orignal or a BMW replacement. Did you check the trunk and floorpan for rust or signs of past leakage like water, brake or power steering fluid. Lastly, is the rear seat an original? If not might want to check under it to see if a rod or major bolt is missing. Some cars have like a rod or bolt under that seat that holds together like 25-75% of the car.
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