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Wow, I can see the cobwebs in this thread LOL! Over half a year since the last update... Yikes. At least I have managed to gather a few odds and ends within that time. A fire system, window net, and a proper (ATL) fuel cell are all waiting to be installed... then it will soon be time to get this thing to the racetrack. Unfortunately I won't be able to make my goal which was the Varac Vintage Festival this year due to other commitments, but it definitely will see a race or so before the end of 2014. I had a chance to pick up the car from storage the other day... and it was glad to leave as it started right up without any drama. Good to see that from this car for once lol!!! Now at least it can hang out in good company while I find some time in the next few weeks to put in a few hours here and there to button everything up on the car. Updates coming soon!


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