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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
At least the BC Energy Minister is using statistic to scrap the Aircare:
started in 1992 and they achieved what it intended to do and scraping in 2014, where else Ontario is implementing a badly thoughtout ODB emission test that most failed and costing driver more money and wasted time.

"Environment Minister Terry Lake said Thursday that newer cars run much cleaner now than the vehicles being made when AirCare started in 1992.

AirCare statistics show that when the program began in 1992, just 69.5 per cent of vehicles met the emission standards and passed the test.

That increased to nearly 82 per cent by 2001 and by 2011, nearly 88 per cent passed. "
The problem with that logic is that it doesn't take into account how much the program had to do with the increase in pass rate.

Also, those statistics show that in 2011, 1.2/10 cars still failed. Without the program in place, there will be no enforcement of these cars.
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