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Originally Posted by Denny View Post
Hi Everybody, looking foward in meeting you all this summer. Yeap Denny is my first name.

I bring a vast experience in Forced Induction and cars in general over 15 years total... experienced ECM tuner DSM LINK and HPTUNERS(GM,Mitsubishi) and hoping now BMW.

Right now In middle of deal for a VF supercharger Stage 1. My ride...a black on black 2003 BMW 330i pics yet I just got the car its a "M" with Sport and premium package MINT took me a long time to find.

I just completed the entire Cooling system...which is a must at 98 000km I highly recommend it. My car still had the plastic Water pump...

I have a lot of experience with BMW cars just my first time owning one for myself finally
cool! welcome denny... lot's of local FI projects on the go and you would be a great asset to this team of guy's and girl's aslong as your not sporting a fake M badge on the trunk lid LMAO! ... seeya in the summmer!
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