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huh? what are you talking about? wrong about what? That you aren't using epeen and exageration to say that "manual is better"? Give me a break, this entire thread is about epeen stroking about how great individuals are with manaul "I got 1.5 weeks of gas with 20$ on my manual car manual is ubber!!11", yes okay, because the car was parked in the drive way for 1 week, then he took it out to tim hortons 2 times, and his car is awesome in gas. Really thats some great factual information about how awesome manaul is............

You just said it again. And thats all you keep doing, is repeating your self like a broken record. Seriously.

Its a freaking car, you drive it. Manual, Auto, it doesn't matter. Theres no difference. Get off your high horse about driving manual. There is nothign special about it. You are not lazy for driving auto. It doesn't make a drive easier. You need to pay the same attention to the road. And anyone who doesn't know how to drive manual, that doesn't make them a bad or worse driver. IT just means they didn't have a use to learn it. If they have to they will. Again dont get on your high horse, its not that hard to learn, it takes 20 minutes in a parking lot at most to figure it out, you assume or at least make it sound that people that dont know how to drive manual are idiots or something-sad that you think this way.

Thanks I didn't know that 0.1 litre per 100 km is a huge difference in economy. WOW thats something to brag about. Guys check it, Im wrong, every 1000km you save 1 litre of gas on manual! Shit thats some great economy there. Maybe if youre an awesome driver you save 2 litres per 1000km. ( Go look at the comparison tables that FEL posted for the MErcedes. Infact go to any car manufcaturer website and look at manual vs. auto for the new cars. WOW no difference, and in some cases you have to pay extra for manual. Wow. so you pay an extra few hundred bucks for manual, maybe more, that pretty much eats the money saved in gas hahahhahaha). only in cars where it comes with the package is it worth getting/ e.g youre not pay more for either or.

come up with some better reason for why manual is better... guess what, its not. Not anymore. 10, 15 years ago youd all be right. Today, the computer can beat all of you, and delivers more power. Thats the truth.

And tiptronic is just as fun to drive as manual. Ever drive a BMW with the top down with paddle shifters? Its the same fun as standard.

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