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I'm not gonna read this entire thread but just want to clear up the following point, there IS a difference, the manual WILL get better fuel economy even with a similar shift schedule to the automatic. Please refer to my post on pg 2 of this thread for the reasoning.

And like you said, the #'s don't lie, from a strictly fuel economy standpoint, the manual transmission will be more economical than the automatic, refer to EPA testing data (or the consumer reports stuff that was posted is also pretty good), those are standard drive cycles, its an apples to apples comparison.

Originally Posted by sirex View Post
If youre driving following the laws of the road, driving a manaul vs. an auto = the exact same thing. You dont get more of anything from either or.

Any w/e I dont really care, I just dont like reading about how 1 is better then other becuase on their car they did so and so becuase its manual and better. The numbers dont lie.
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