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Originally Posted by NOX
hey...I'm new guys..Just got back to Toronto and loving place like the DOT. fuel pump (or what speedy says could be "my whole gas tank and lines...[THEIR LOOKIN' FOR SPEEDY MONEY]) are gone.. in any case I'm pissing gas like a race horse..A BIG ONE @ THAT!!..How do I know if it's just the pump? I have leakage on bothsides (drivers side - in front the rear wheel well..and on the passenger side same area) I hoysted it up (speedy) and the whole rear under bottom was dripping. (could be from sprayage) where (assuming) experts to some degree on this thread have described as a fuel pump problem...can anyone help me? (more leakage on the drivers side - and the passanger side is speratic - Thankx all... ( I think I'm just going to see them,
if thats the case, i hope your not a smoker... and if you are dont flick the but when your sitting in traffic
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