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is BMW crazy
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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
lol, the purist arguments are coming out.

Fact is, the "real" enthusiasts who want hardcore track machines aren't buying BMWs, and never have been. It's a luxury sports sedan, and this is not new. BMW does market research, and this is what the $100k+ junior executives demand from a car (lots of power, insane handling numbers, electronic features galore, etc etc). It's an everything car, if you want real performance you'd be driving an Elise, or a kit car.

Sure, the M brand philosophy established with the M1 and then passed on the E30 M3 is vastly different from what has gone on since (hell even the E24 and E28 models are pretty OFF from the track story fairy tales), but people don't really want that today. If they did, BMW would be importing CSLs and actually building 135 Tii models.
I disagree to some extent. Some of us want just enough luxuries to make daily driving comfortible, but also want a real driver car, something that gives you feedback, doesn't have any traction control ammenities, is play down and dirty fun.

That is why I like how a lot of cars in europe you can get as an S(regular) or as an LE. The e34 M5 could be had as a bare bones front power windows only, or as a fully loaded, leather et all rocket ship.

I feel that they need to continue this trend.

If I was buying a brand new BMW 135 or 335i tomorow, I would want, PW, Sunroof, nice sound system, and AC. I don't need the million other gadgets that would come in a 335i. They weight the car down. The provide more unnecesary distractions for the driver, and are just plain useless 85% of the time.

BTW, I am not a hardcore purist. If I was, I would be raving how the underpowered, cool looking, 4 banger, equivalent of a Civic(albeit much better), is the greatest thing since slice bread.
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