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my sister and i were talking about this today, and realized that honestly, everyone out there has had their heart's one of the worst things to have to go through, but in the end, you have to keep it together and get on with life...because if everyone out there gave in to feeling like shit, the world would one would have motivation to continue doing things they need to do.

also remember that there are many other people out there...and while this hurts now, in a few months you could be looking back and thinking, "why did i waste my time feeling bad over that" because you can have met someone who is worth having gone through this for.

and whenever you start feeling sad or missing her, or wanting to get back with her, remember this what you posted below, because it is ultimately the bottom line:

Originally Posted by BMWFORLIFE
if you really like'll go out of your way to see them.
if you find yourself going out of your way for someone, yet they don't even care to appreciate it, or make time for you, there isn't much there anyway. just a lot of one-sided feelings that will only leave you hurt. life's too short for this...there are many more people out there who will appreciate you. don't waste your time.
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