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Please do everyone a favour by not blinding anyone and retrofit HID projectors. I used to have HIDs in the euro MZ3 headlight housing, and it still was glaring....even with a set of casper adapters.

Here's how my HID projector retrofit came through...

'98 BMW M Roadster (MZ3)
Projector: Valeo ECE
Ballasts: Philips LVQ 212 L-300
Custom wiring

if the pictures don't show for you, try clicking this link:


after crash

some progress pics...

Originally Posted by LOBO M-COUPE

….while I’m at it. There’s no real performance gain by way of the next modification I’m about to write about but I have to tell you guys how impressed I am. I installed a 4300K (9006 bulbs) H.I.D. xenon kit. Purchased from a contact I have in N.Y. for a great price, much less than anyone in Toronto is asking (shipping, duty’s and taxes included). In fact, I bought three kits in total (as I converted my parents Lexus RX300 and a friends Mercedes C320).

I had reservations because the MZ3’s do not have built-in projectors in their headlights, but I installed the kit thinking it would still be beneficial if I could get three times more light within the existing beam pattern. Verdict, better than expected. The 4300k bulbs are a pure white color without the blue seen in higher rated kits but the output (rated in lumens) is the highest achievable light output capable using zenon gas. I was also concerned with the amount of glare directed towards on-coming traffic but the headlights do in fact have a built-in diagonal cut-off (towards the passenger side). Parking the car at night in a long dark parking lot eased my worries (not only about blinding traffic but having problems with the police), there seems to be no increase in glare directed towards the direction of on-coming traffic. And yet, driving at night with these new HID units is almost entertaining seeing how much better everything is illuminated. It’s like a night and day difference!

If anyone’s interested in seeing for themselves, I’m more than willing to light’em up and even order up as many kits as there are willing purchasers.

See everyone at the M-coupe cruise May 12.
'98 ///M E36/7
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