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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
Yes you can...

That Denon while very, very nice... IMO is a huge waste of money. You can NEVER replicate great sound in a car, there's just too many outside noises, and at a price of over $1500 it's simply not worth it. Same can be said for time correction. Too many variables come into play with a car. Something that sounds great when the car is off and standing still will not sound as good when you're moving. Which is why super high end audio IMO is kinda a waste. But there is a happy medium. Good quality components are always going to help you replicate the music as best you can.

That said, I'm going to also be putting in my set of Rainbow Profi-line mids/highs this spring.
Damn the DENON is $1500? Is the Alpine F#1 Status deck better than it? Cause I saw the F1 Status deck for sale for $1900 a few months back.
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