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Just picked this beauty up! Simplcity and ultimate sound quality at its finest! DENON DCT-Z1

I'm just debating now which car to install it in. Maybe the M3 cabrio but its going to be so hard to make the new stereo sound great in a convertible.

I have some really nice Rainbow CS 275.28 Platinum series components waiting for me to buy a TRU B-4100AD amp so I can install everything. This is going to blow away my old Focal/Audison setup I had years back!

Buying a good deck alone will not give you a great audio system people. Its all about keeping every single component in your system of equal or more quality to each other, proper installation is key as well. Basic principals of the home audiophile world. "Your system is only as good as its weakest link"

I've owned a few alpine radio's. 7995, 9815, 9835. They were all fantastic. Then Alpine stopped including time alignment and adjustable crossover slopes which sucked!

Now they include it again with the 9887. Fantastic Deck in my oppinion, not motorized any longer. There's a catch, you need to purchase a $150-250 KTX-100EQ module box to properly alter these worthwhile settings that you could once do easily with the earlier higher end Alpines. Some shops will charge a $50 one time fee to set these settings up and use their box instore. This absolutely sucks for past Alpine owners looking to purchase another Alpine top end deck. As far as a brand, they are moving down in quality to survive. I don't blame them though, thats business. You know its come to the last straw when Best Buy is selling your Type-r Subs in Canada. haha j/k

Apparantly you can still access the time alignment/correction menu though without the KTX-100EQ module and once again manually configure the settings... Can any 9887 owners confirm this? You have to have a really good ear to properly setup the time correction but thats besides the point.

with that being said, I'm still looking for an Alpine DVI-9990 DVD-Audio player with the PXI-H990 to put in the 330ci, or my next daily driver. Does anyone have leads for a good deal on these peices?
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