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Originally Posted by DriveItSideways View Post
That must have been an intresting drive, from downtown to sauga with a seized trans.

Its ok I learned not to trust your shop slogan "take my word for it"

Deal with pro's and pro's only. Why deal with a middle man that goes back an forth between bimmersport? Everytime theres a problem you scream bimmersport, seems like if you need something legit, you should go to bimmersport.
I think i was clear in my previous post, that i am not a mechanic like you, i dont fix cars, i dont do my own safety and emissions. I'm a sales person, when i need testing done i go to Bimmersport. If there is a problem with ANY of my parts, i send the car to bimmersport for diagnostics BEFORE i do any refunds or exchanges!

Its a simple consept, realy; you buy a TV, and it brakes down, you go see a tech, not the sales person! (or if you do, he will just be the middle man, as i doubt he will rip it open on the showroom floor at Best Buy!)
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