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Hmmm, I don't know about 'eating more'. There was a major study (the largest of its kind) just released from Europe that studied thousands of ppl over many years. Their conclusion: the caloric content of what you eat is by far the largest contributing factor to fat levels in the body. Eat too many, get fat. Eat too few, lose weight.

There are lots of other factors, but over the long haul (which ANY and ALL weight plans should adhere too) this is the main factor. There are also lots of false signals, like weight 'bounce' when you start a diet, etc, but they will all level off. If you ate 300 calories less on average per day, in ten days (3000 calories) that would roughly equate to one pound.

Sometimes just switching from regular to diet pop is enough for many people if you drink a lot of pop. Or finding the largest contributing factors: wings, pizza, BEER, nachos.

Also, ppl tend to gain 2 pounds per year extra as they age. This has been linked directly to overeating on the typical holidays that people have. Like Xmas, thanksgiving, birthday, family birthdays, anniversaries. Overeat just 1000 calories (easy to do with deserts), 6 times a year and you'll gain 2 pounds. It happens so slowly your bodies metabolism doesn't change, therefore you put on the weight as fat.

After 20 years (40 old) you are suddenly quite overweight, like all of Florida.

Just my thoughts. I read a lot of Scientific American. :p
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