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Pm sent. Basically, need to know how many owners, if title is clean, any paintwork/accidents, rust whatsoever, any leaks, mechanical issues, fluids changed like coolant, how the brakes are, etc. Oh, and what is your best price?

My mechanic friends are pretty lazy with their own cars (even though they are so hardcore on their customer's cars) so I'm not too sure how this vw techie was, considering that this car was purchased in November to beat through the winter. Did the techie give you any records?

I posted this message here because I sent a PM yesterday and although you've been back online, the PM read receipt still reads "unread". Sometimes this forum doesn't notify you of PM's received or somehow the popup blockers prevent you from reading them, etc. Sorry for all the questions, but you never know what you get these days unless you ask. Thanks!
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