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I've leased a 2009 G37 for 18 months from new as a work-vehicle (for driving across town). Most unreliable thing I've driven since a 90's Ford. Always in the shop for stupid engine issues and updates. It looked nice sitting still, but other than that---a horrible owner experience. Partially because of the bad dealership customer service and inability to get the job done on time, or having replacement parts in stock.

Bang for the buck it looks like a good deal (on paper). Owning it was a love/hate affair, driving experience? Well you look good driving it, but it isn't very enjoyable to drive and a lot of little ergonomic issues. It's like comparing current Hyundais and Kia's to their competitors... on paper, better bang for the buck. Driving experience, not quite there yet for the most part.

On the other hand, we had a previous RX350 which had no major issues for the short time we had it. A few trim pieces that squeaked or broke, and a bad paint job that loved rock chips.
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