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you are absolutely right...this pricing holds true across the entire BMW lineup when compared to the likes of Lexus and Infinitis equivalent models. It's down to driving experience and can you justify the premium in price for that experience?

Most people would say they can't and that's why lexus and infiniti sell like hot cakes when people cross shop against a BMW cause they do have far more creature comfort than the bimmer.

is that premium worth it in the end to you? personally I couldn't stand the mushy brakes or the soft suspension feel. and i also can't deal with the fact that both of these brands are toyota/nissan under the cover and they are making huge profit on these brands.

heck Lexus only started selling Japan in 2005 when it was available in NA since 1989. and i think only in 2008 has infiniti started selling elsewhere in the world besides north america after almost 20 years in NA.

so i would say we are paying a premium for Lexus/Infiniti as well.

so perhaps in your case a fairer comparison would be Lexus model to Toyota model and like wise for Infiniti to Nissan models.
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