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Originally Posted by mirek View Post
damn it, thought i edited it before anyone could see, i'm no longer responsible for the quote, cause i tried to delete it.
bro, my wife is of European descent, not Mexican. you obviously know nothing about my wife and I.

perhaps I was overly harsh and perhaps I overstepped the boundary, but I know the following: 50% of marriages end in divorce, and most of those are over money issues. this girl is financial irresponsible, so the odds are against you. be ass pissed as you want with me. facts are facts. love is great, but if there are money issues, watch out!

this girl ****ed up her credit so bad that a bank won't look at her, so she has to go to a second rate shop. she's late on several payments on a high interest loan and then she's surprised why she's getting collection calls. really? I know nothing about this outfit, but I do know that there are three sides to every story: one person's, the other person's and the true somewhere in the middle. we only know one side here. the girl has a legally binding contract that spells out the interest rate and any fees associated with late payments, nsf, etc etc. anything outside that is unenforcable and perhaps fraud. first, the contract should be reread thoroughly. second, the company should explain any fees on paper. third, any apparantly fraudulent or deceptive contact from the company should be reported to the BBB or whatever.

My wife and I both work in the financial services field, so I always preach financial knowledge and responsibility.

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