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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
So obviously, things are taking a bit longer than I thought. This morning, I did some small things around the car, I riveted the clamps for the battery cable so its more orderly... I still have to take care of the wiring harness, but I'll do that when I run the brake line inside, and tie them both together.

Richard came by again in the morning, and we installed the window.

String getting ready

Popped it in without any issue

Richard installed the lockstrip... a few places it popped out. No big deal, just use a small pick and get the trim seated

So I'm watching Richard hit the trim with his hand on the left side, so I figured I could do the same on the right side and finish it off... when shit hit the fan. CRACK. Awwwww FFFFFF@@@@@&&#$#(*@#)##!!!!!11111

Obviously, I wasn't as calm as I sound now when that happened lol.
Do you have any idea how many times this has happened? I had one out of the parts car, but Richard came over to "hep" and now it's gone. Dave had a nice one in the black car, some "heppin' hands" took care of that one as well. Too funny, seriously buddy shit happens and you just gotta take it and move on.
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