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Very good info.. glad to have someone so knowledgable about this on the board. My experiences with NOS goes as far as watching Fast and the Furious. I've tried searching about it on the net but came up with a lot of conflicting information..usually people who are against it. ZEX sounds like a good kit... fairly safe, and well thought out. Is this the same kit you're selling? The thought of a bottle warmer worries me a bit. Do I have anything to worry about on really hot days having the bottle locked up in the trunk?

This is something I should figure out soon, before I do a custom install in the trunk.

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Originally posted by EMPOWERD
The ZEX kit will go up to 75HP. The motor's fuel line goes through the ZEX controller so it knows what fuel pressure the motor has at all times. The nitrous gets injected with a single nozzle into the intake tube before the throttle body, but after the AFM. The further away, the better distribution to all cylinders. The kit comes with everything required and should take about 4 hours to install (wiring takes the longest). I recommend getting the ZEX over the more expensive (??) NX kit and using that extra money saved for 5 things:

-bottle warmer (keeps constant 900psi even when near empty)
-bottle pressure guage
-remote bottle opener (real nice upgrade)
-B&M adjustable fuel pressure regulator ($150)
-2 step "colder" spark plugs

Make sure you run a stock EPROM, or have one custom programmed to be slightly retarded (LOL).... timing-wise.

Justin, a full 10lb bottle with a 75HP shot usually last for about 10 quarter mile runs (150 sec). Sounds pathetic, but you only spray maybe 1st, 2nd and half of 3rd gear on the street... do that twice/day and you see what I mean. Upon squeezing the trigger, the tires usually break loose from the sudden power and a careful eye on the tach is required 'cause the lrev-imiter comes up quick! On 300+HP cars, I recommend spraying 2nd gear and up... 1st gear is usually too violent unless you're running drag radials or at the strip. Check and make sure your older M42 has good compression across the board and it's well tuned (ignition system works well). Should be okay to have fun... start with a 50-60 shot first.
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