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Yeah the 18's look nice but they rub on the wells sometimes i dont know if i'm gonna keep them on.I might cut the wells and re weld them to fix that.I still need some parts for the 1.8t swap i have the engine so no problem with that i'm still looking for the right ecu for it and wiring harness,also some people told me i might have to get a speedo 2 wit the ignition other wise i will have to deal with the immobilizer,and that's goonna ge a pain since it's in the speedo and it sends the code to the ecu to start teh car so without it i dotn know if it will start i will have to figure something around that for now and i'll put in the tt speedo later when i get the other parts for the mounting of the tt dash.Please someone pshop my car tornado red please!

Oh yeah i almost forgot i'm getting the bananas shaved of the front fenders for a cleaner look and maybe m3 style mirrors.

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