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Originally Posted by cdb View Post
Gentlemen, looking for some viewpoints as to what could be causing the following to my 98 528i....Basically I am just recently finding that when my car is cold (which is every morning, since I park it outside on the driveway) I have major difficulties getting the car into gear (it is a 5sp manual). Getting into reverse is nearly impossible, causing me to jam and grind it into reverse. From there the gear changes, especially lower gears, are very stiff and challenging. At first I though I might have lost my clutch, but I do not think the clutch is the problem, as once in gear etc., the driving is just fine.

Any suggestions as to what could be the issue here?

Much appreciated.
If you want you can try an additive it’s a friction modifier with fresh fluid, this could smooth out your tranny. If not the syncros could be worn and the cold weather just makes it hard to engage gears until it warms up then it would just be a little bit easier. As for ATF in a manual gear box this isn’t anything new, also used in power steering as well. (My Father builds Transmission for BMW) 30 Years in the trade.
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