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PPI report

I don't have the reports now, they wrote it on a piece of paper but it listed everything, from what I remember:
cracked rear spring
subframe cracked
all 4 tires need replacement (uneven wear so I believe alignment required)
suspension in bad shape, some suspension items needed to be changed (Cant remember now)
one rotor seized
Vanos needs adjustment
Front of the car repainted
Trunk and whole rear of the car repainted
Car potentially had water damage (car was from the states and had rust in weird places which I didn't see such as in the battery area in the trunk and other places)
alternator needs to be replaced
ashtray cover broken (Doesn't close)
car cigarette lighter/DC power source doesn't work
then all the cosmetic interior and exterior imperfections were also mentioned
and I cant remember the rest but you get the idea... I was really glad I got it inspected.

Point is to put a deposit on a potential buy with the condition of your mechanic/garage's approval and get cars like M3s inspected by someone you trust and I trust RMP. (Especially if one isn't mechanically inclined like myself)
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