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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
I don't understand what you see in him.
I see the values of a quality human being. Just one that happens to be incapable of hiding contempt for people, rules etc that piss him off... something I can identify with. Ultimately, that makes him unfit for politics, so I was pretty shocked that he got elected. Any other politician would have taken this result [today's ruling] and spun it to within an inch of its life to score a trillion political points, getting him 99% of the vote next time. But I bet instead, his mouth will just get him in more trouble. Even the judge basically called him a dick. If he wanted to get off, he could have gone on the stand and said "I didn't know this was a conflict of interest, I'm sorry Big Daddy, I'll be good". Instead, sounds like he basically said this is all ****ing bullshit... which is something only a person who puts great importance in being honest and honorable could do.

A proper politician needs to consider everything they do (words they speak and write, how they look, actions they take etc), for how it could possibly hurt them or benefit them. Ford does what he feels is right, and then deals with whatever comes of it. He'd make a great dictator.

Alright, back to Star Wars on Spike.
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